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Rockin' & A Rollin'

This started off as another slow week, we spent a few days in Huntington, West Virginia where it was super rainy and there wasn't a ton to do. I went to the mall, but otherwise spent most of my time relaxing (and sleeping)!

The second half of the week was spent in Cleveland, Ohio. We had a busy weekend with 6 shows, but I still managed to have some fun. On Thursday a few of us went to see STOMP which was playing at the theater next door. I saw the show a long time ago, but it was still super cool and oddly inspiring. The performers were insanely talented!

The next day we went to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It was awesome to see all that history!

We also got a new cast mate who is temporarily with us learning the tracks of Rocky and Zuma. The cast has had a lot of injuries lately, and Shelby is with us now to cover those parts in case someone is unable to go on.

To end the week, Jordan and I went to an awesome tapas style restaurant. We liked to make dinner plans in every city to try out local food spots. Unfortunately, this was our last spot since I will be leaving the tour next week.

After about 6 months with PAW Patrol Live! "The Great Pirate Adventure," I have decided to leave the tour and continue on with new adventures. This tour was a great experience - I made a bunch of wonderful friends and connections, and I got to see many cool places I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise!

I am in Chicago for the rest of the week and this weekend will be my last 6 shows as Tracker. Stay tuned for my next and final blog post (for now), and check out some pictures from my week below.

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