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Old Friends, New Adventures

This week was pretty low-key. We went to Reading, Pennsylvania where we got to meet up with our friend Stephen (he was Mayor Humdinger on our tour until January). We had dinner at Red Lobster where we caught up on what he's doing at his new job. It was really nice to see him and catch up!

Then we went to Fairfax, Virginia where we had a crazy weekend. There have been a lot of injuries in the cast, so our understudies/swings have been doing a heck of a job. Shoutout to them for killin' it! Because of all the changes, getting ready and doing the shows was pretty chaotic. But my friend Connor got to come see the show which was really nice! He's in the army and moved to Virginia so I haven't seen him in awhile. It was great to catch up!

We also went to DC on Thursday night, it's just a short drive from Virginia so it was super convenient. We saw the White House, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the WW2 Memorial. I also got to see the constitution and the Declaration of Independence which was pretty cool. Then we had a really nice dinner before heading back to the hotel. It was a nice little day trip! Check out some pictures from DC below and stay tuned for more updates next week.

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