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Worlds Collide

What a great week! This week we were in Providence, Rhode Island so I got to spend some time at home for awhile. It was super relaxing and nice to see family and friends. My girlfriend, Kendall, came too! Most of my week was spent just catching up with my loved ones, which was much needed.

It was nice having worlds collide this week as I got to introduce my friends in the cast to my family and friends from home! We did an escape room (pretty tough, but we escaped!) and the entire cast came over to my house for a homemade dinner on Friday night.

We got to perform at PPAC (the Providence Performing Arts Center) which was huge for me. I've been seeing national tours perform at PPAC since I was little and it was a really great experience to be able to perform on such an important stage. I'm feeling very lucky.

Next up is Reading, Pennsylvania. Check out some pictures from my week below:

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