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Almost Home

This past week we were in Brookings, South Dakota for the second time on this tour. I got an official "back to work" date: 1/23, so I spent most of my time resting and recuperating to make sure I'm ready to get back onstage.

After Brookings we headed to St. Louis, Missouri where we stayed at a Westin hotel right next to the Cardinals' stadium - super nice! We explored St. Louis on Friday, checking out the Arch (I didn't even know you could go inside it) and walking around downtown. The view was great! Still, I stayed in and rested my ankle a lot. I finally got a good brace and it's working wonders.

On Sunday night a few of us went to see the School of Rock national tour and it was great! The kids are super talented and it makes me feel like I really need to step up my game...

After so much time being out of the shows, I'm ready to get back into action. And what better place to do that than my home state? We arrived in Providence today and I'm looking forward to some much needed time home. Rhode Island friends and family, if you're reading this make sure you've got your tickets to see the shows this weekend!

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