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A Week of Self-care

A bit of deja-vu this week after being in Minnesota again; back where this process began for me! We only had two shows in Rochester, and only one for me because my ankles have been giving me a lot of trouble (more on that later). While in Rochester, I saw "The Greatest Showman"...but didn't love it. Sorry! But, we did have a ton of fun celebrating Stephen's birthday (he plays Mayor Humdinger) - we surprised him by taking him to an Escape Room and out to hibachi for dinner! It was a great night.

In more food news, we also went to a place called Flapdoodles for homemade ice cream and it was amazing. I had a "cookie monster" ice cream with both cookie dough AND cookies and cream flavors. My favorites!

After Rochester we made our way to Minneapolis on Wednesday night. The next morning I went to a restaurant called Hen House where they had super good homemade pastries! Unfortunately the rest of my Thursday was spent at the doctor. I hurt my ankles onstage so I had to go to an urgent care and then a physical therapist. They told me that I have weak ankle sockets and I need to strengthen the muscles in my foot to help support my ankle (that's why I've been rolling my ankle during shows).

Luckily I got to go right from my appointments to the VStar holiday party. It was really fun! There was live entertainment and it was at the Guthrie Theatre which has a beautiful view of the city.

The next day I met up with one of my family friends, Wendy and her daughter Rachel. They took me out to lunch and it was really nice to catch up! On Friday night we had a show with some Nickelodeon and VStar executives in attendance. I performed a split track with Reanna, so she did all the dancing scenes and I played the pirate parrot, a merpup, and Tracker. After that I was still in a lot of pain so I was told to take the next day (Saturday) off; I stayed home and iced my ankles. Taking care of yourself is important! Though not getting to perform was a bummer, it was nice to watch the Patriots win their divisional round of the playoffs!

On Sunday I was also told to stay home and take care of my ankles. Again, it wasn't very exciting but I stayed in and did the stretches the PT taught me and I'm trying to get back to performing fully! Sunday was sadly also Stephen's last day with the tour. It was tough to say see-you-later and I'm going to miss him a lot! But I wish him the best of luck, and I know he's going to continue doing awesome things.

Lots of updates this week! Thanks for reading, as always. Just one more week until we travel to my home state to perform in Providence!

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