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Home for the Holidays

Long time, no blog! I took a break from my social media for awhile to take in the time I got to spend at home with my family for Christmas. It was a much needed break! I got to see my family after not being home for almost 5 months, so it was nice to catch up with everyone and feel at home again. I also got to see my girlfriend, Kendall - we went on a Christmas-themed date to see the Zoo Lights at the Stone Zoo, had a nice Italian dinner out, and ended the night watching Christmas movies.

Unfortunately, my trip home flew by and I had to fly to Chicago on Christmas Day. Kendall picked me up from the airport and drove me to Cedar Rapids, Iowa (our next stop on the tour). Our venue in Iowa was The Paramount theatre, and it was BEAUTIFUL! It had a lot of red and gold decor and was super elegant. My only complaint about this stop was the freezing cold; the highest temperature each day was probably only 5 degrees!

After Iowa we made our way to Indianapolis, Indiana where it was still freezing; luckily our next stop is Tennessee...I'm looking forward to some warmth! The hotel in Indiana was called the Omni Severin and was super fancy. We could see the Lucas Oil Stadium (where the Indianapolis Colts play) from our room. There was also a really cool mall right next door and the downtown area was pretty cute! Lots of cool restaurants. A highlight was eating at one called Yard House; shoutout to our waitress Amy, she was great!

I wish I could've spent more time at home celebrating the holidays, but we did some celebrating as a cast and crew too. We had a Secret Snowflake exchange and I received a beanie, some gamer socks, a "Dirty Italian" lingo book, and a tote bag from our head of props, Megan! Then for New Year's Eve we checked out the celebration on Georgia Street; they "drop" an Indy 500 car at midnight. There was a lot of lights, fireworks, and a DJ! It was pretty wild.

Well, Happy New Year everyone! Stay tuned for my next post after we spend some time performing in Johnson City, Tennessee and Nashville.

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