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Escape Rooms, Concerts, & Cookies

Another week already flew by! We got to Jonesboro, Arkansas Monday afternoon, and the hotel was really nice - they had complementary cookies! We got to know the lady at the front desk and she was super friendly; she even came to see the show with her family.

In Arkansas I had my first official "swing out" and got to watch the show, which was great! It was helpful to see it from a different perspective.

Then we made our way to Fort Wayne, Indiana...We took two buses AND two planes to get there, I was exhausted but the night we got there I went to see Straight No Chaser perform! They were so good, as always. It was an impromptu outing, and it felt really good to be in a beautiful theater and just relax. Afterwards the whole cast met up and we did some karaoke, we may not be as good as Straight No Chaser but we had fun!

At the end of our Indiana stop, I did an Escape Room with my friends and castmates Stephen and Jordan. The room was space themed and super intense. We escaped with 43 seconds left, and the people at Fort Wayne Escape Room were awesome!

These weeks really are flying by, and I'm looking forward to my quickly approaching "winter break!"

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