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A Thanksgiving Story

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I kicked off the week in Memphis and had a blast. The first thing we saw was Graceland - it was really cool to see Elvis's house and planes and see how times have changed (a lot of the decor was kind of tacky for 2017 lol). I had a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich, Elvis's favorite, and it was actually really good! Then we hit up Rendezvous, an underground BBQ restaurant, and I had some ribs and brisket. After that, we went to the Gibson guitar factory. We got to take a tour and see how they make Gibson Hollow and Semi-Hollow guitars. It really made me appreciate what goes into a finished guitar!

After a few days of performing in a beautiful sold-out theatre, we left on Thursday and spent Thanksgiving on the road. We stopped in Arkansas and were treated to a Thanksgiving buffet which was nice. I had a lot of fun being with my friends, but I missed my family. It was weird not being at home.

When we arrived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, one of the first things we did was go Black Friday shopping at Target which is always fun. I could spend hours in there! The next few days we spent our time exploring the city; it was smaller and quieter than I expected.

One of the coolest things we saw was the "Center of the Universe," an unexplained acoustical phenomenon; one of two places in the world where this happens. You stand in the center of a circle marked on the ground, and when you speak it sounds like you're wearing a microphone or standing in a tunnel. My first thought was I would love to sing barbershop there... #Nerd.

After all the sight-seeing, we got to set up shop in the BOK Center. The venue was so cool! Our dressing room had set lists from the bands that played there, there were murals all over the walls, and there was even a game room.

Like I said, spending Thanksgiving away from family was weird but I think I made the most of it. And of course I documented everything! Feel free to scroll through the pictures below! Next stop: Arkansas, where I actually get to "swing-out" for one show...It'll be interesting to see the show as an audience member! Stay tuned for this week's adventures.

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