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Sight(s) for Sore Eyes

Time flies on this tour! We started the week in Beaumont, Texas with 3 shows at the Ford Park Arena. We didn't do much in the city, I spent most of my downtime relaxing.

On Thursday we made our way to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and made the most of our time there. Baton Rouge has a small town feel to it, but there were still a ton of sights to see. We walked down the beautiful riverwalk along the Mississippi and toured the Old Louisiana State Capitol...It looks like a castle and has a huge stained glass dome inside! Before the tour we spent some time outside and tried to soak up the sun- it was a beautiful day! I also made sure to pick up a postcard before we left, I've been trying to collect one from each city but haven't always had a chance.

Last night I had dinner at a restaurant called Stroubes and the food was AMAZING. I couldn't stop talking about it. Tonight we're going to a restaurant that famously has "the best view of the Mississippi."

Our shows all weekend were really well sold and we got to perform in a theater again, so that was exciting. I had a really fun time this week and I'm looking forward to seeing the sights in Memphis tomorrow! As always, I took lots of pictures, so check them out below.

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