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Split-week Shenanigans

This past week has been super busy. We started out in Lafayette on Monday, and by the end of the week we had already moved on to Bossier City. Every audience has been huge and full of excited kids! It's awesome to feel the energy from the crowd and channel it into our performance. I've even been able to spot a few Tracker plush toys in the audience, which is really cool!

Most of my time in Lafayette was spent relaxing and recharging, but we did go out to a restaurant called Agave where we heard some live music by Johnathan Cochran. He's great! You can find his music on iTunes and Spotify, and follow him on Instagram @Johnathanbaw. Check him out!

In Bossier City I had the chance to do some sight-seeing. I had no idea there were so many casinos here! We didn't do any gambling, but we did explore the Lousiana boardwalk outlets which were super cute. It was all decorated for Christmas already so it was really nice to walk around at night and check out all the lights! And do a little shopping, of course.

There's no slowing down with this tour, we're heading to Beaumont, Texas tomorrow to continue the adventure! As always, check out some photos from my week below.

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